MIT Skoltech Initiative in collaboration with the Skolkovo Institute of Science & Technology, the Skolkovo Foundation and the Ministry of Education & Science

Best Practices for Improving International Competitiveness Workshop

Location: MIT, Cambridge, MA

Date: May 16-18, 2014

Friday, May 16th, 2014  


Welcoming Remarks | Red Square


Claude Canizares, Vice President, MIT

Bruce Tidor, Faculty Lead, MIT Skoltech Initiative

Pavel Schedrovistsky, Skolkovo Foundation

Ministry of Education & Science  





Plenary discussion: Leadership Strategies for Increasing International Competitiveness – Facing the Challenges of the 21 st Century| Red Square


This session will focus on best practices in university management, strategic development, transforming the faculty body, engaging international industry and scientific community, and institutional strategies to increase competitiveness.


Lawrence Bacow , President Emeritus, Tufts University

Bob Brown , President, Boston University

Joseph Aoun , President, Northeastern University

Claude Canizares , Vice-President, MIT (moderator)




Plenary Discussion: Faculty Motivation and Policies | Red Square


This session will take a holistic approach to faculty experience at Boston area universities, including development of the vision for the cohesive intellectual university community, integration of research and education infrastructure, faculty support, incentives and funding opportunities, tenure and promotion policy, faculty governance, and supporting the innovative and entrepreneurial mindset. This session will also discuss faculty work, teaching/research/service balance, managing labs and   projects, managing departments, and performance assessment.


Steven Hall - Overview




Tenure and Review, Other Faculty Policies

Susan Silbey , Anthropology

John Belcher , Physics


Managing A Department: Faculty, Curriculum, Visiting Committees

Chris Kaiser , Biology

Mike Sipser , Dean of Science / Head, Math Dept.



Managing Your Lab:

Post-Docs, TAs, RAs

Warren Seering , MechEng


Larry Young , AeroAstro



Plenary discussion: Managing Innovation in Education – From a New Idea to Innovative Practice | Red Square


This session will address innovative educational models and new ways of teaching with the special emphasis on various forms of digital learning, online and distance education, industry-based educational models and best practices in project-based experiential learning.


Cecilia D’Oliveira, Executive Director, OpenCourseWare ( Interview )

Dennis Freeman , Dean of Undergraduate Education, MIT


Philip Altbach , Center for International Education, Boston College (moderator)



Innovation in Education:

Engineering & Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Doug Hart , Luis Perez-Breva ( lecture )


Innovation in Education:

Global Education

Bernd Widdig , Director, International Affairs (moderator)

Melanie Parker and Malgorzata Hedderick,

Global Education and Career Development  


Elizabeth Wood , MISTI


Sally Susnowitz , Public Service Center


Innovation in Education: Breaking Boundaries

Interdisciplinary educational modes / flexible majors

Srini Devadas , EECS

Gareth McKinley , Mechanical Engineering


17.00– 18.00  Visit to the Media Lab


Saturday, May 17th, 2014  


Plenary Session: Research Across the University | Red Square Conference Room


This session will discuss research activities undertaken by students and faculty as well as cross-cut interdisciplinary research initiatives . It will present an overview of ways to engage undergraduate students in research activities, international research collaborations, funding mechanisms, and research institutes within MIT.


Professor Doug Lauffenburger , Head, Department of Biological Engineering– overview


Dr. Anna Voronova, Associate Director of Research, MIT Skoltech Initiative (moderator)



Red Square Conference Room



Michael Bergen, Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program ( UROP )


Professor Hazel Sive

Moscow Conference Room



Michelle Christy , Office of Sponsored Programs


Professor Konstantin Turitsyn



St. Petersburg Conference Room


Professor Robert Armstrong


Professor Munther Dahleh



Plenary Session: Industry Engagement | Red Square Conference Room


This session will discuss various models of industry engagement in research and education, including interdisciplinary research collaborations that integrate experiential learning. The speakers will also address various models of collaboration with industry with the special emphasis on students’ employability, industrial immersions and skills development that lead to the increased recognition of quality.


Claude Canizares, Vice President, MIT


Dr. Anna Ronell, Director of International Relations, MIT Skoltech Initiative (moderator)



Red Square Conference Room


Industry Engagement: Internships and Immersions


Professor Alan Hatton

Chemical Engineering Department Practice School

Moscow Conference Room


Industry Engagement: Knowledge Transfer


Lita Nelsen , Technology Licensing Office ,


Dr. Ken Goldman , Industrial Liaison Program


St. Petersburg Conference Room

Industry Engagement: Large Industrial Partnerships


MIT-DuPont Alliance

(Professor Bruce Tudor )



MIT-Ford Alliance

(Professor John Leonard )





Plenary Session: Managing Institutional Reputation and Putting Yourself on the Map | Red Square Conference Room


This session will address the challenges of brand development, communications strategies, and methods of raising awareness and building reputation. Special emphasis will be placed on working with various stakeholders: students and alumni, industry supporters, domestic and international media, local ecosystem, and international scientific community.

Matt McGann, Director of Admissions


Professor Michael Cima , Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research ( animation )

Judith Cole , Executive Vice-President & CEO, Alumni Association MIT

Nate Nickerson, Associate Vice-President for Communications, MIT News Office

Kelly Courtney, Senior Communications Strategist, MIT Skoltech Initiative (moderator)


Tuli Banerjee , Senior Director, Global Initiatives, MIT


15.15-16.15 Tour of the TEAL Classroom


Closing discussion